aespa Winter, First place on the “Best Hexagonal Female Idol”

Winter of the group aespa topped the votings to select the “Best Hexagonal Female Idol”.

aespa Winter, first place on the “Best Hexagonal Female Idol”
aespa Winter, first place on the “Best Hexagonal Female Idol”

StarPlay, an application created for active voting by global fandoms, held a vote for the title of “Best Hexagonal Female Idol” within a period of two weeks from January 6, 2022 to January 20, 2022.

There are idols who fulfill the so-called hexagonal attributes with extraordinary idol skills. Members with high overall ability to perform more than a given role in any position are called “Hexagonal idols.” In this vote, which was conducted for talented next-generation female idols with a golden balance of versatility that lacks nothing in singing, dancing, and variety, as well as excellent visuals, Winter of the ‘4th generation leading girl group’ aespa received a high percentage of 49.29% of the votes and took 1st place on ‘Best Hexagonal Female Idol’.

Station waiting room for Winter as the Best Hexagonal Female Idol

Winter of aespa, who stands out in many ways, is the representative all-rounder of girl groups. Winter, who has been attracting attention for her innocent and cute face since her debut teaser, boasts a dazzling beauty of a visual ace, with pure white skin that goes well with her stage name: big eyes with clear double eyelids, cute cheeks with dimples in harmony. Her abilities are also top-notch.

Winter, who combines her clean and clear tone with solid vocal skills, perfectly uses SM’s unique singing method, and is nicknamed ‘Daughter of Yoo Young-jin born through his vocal cords’.

In her debut song ‘Black Mamba’, Winter’s part, “aespa is me, there can’t be two,” was considered the killing part of the song, and in ‘Next Level’, she perfectly showed off her powerful and cool high notes in the bridge part and stood out as a vocalist to listeners. In the recently released ‘Savage’, she took the most parts and showed off a wide vocal range and powerful voice, adding to the charm of the song and establishing herself as a next-generation visual vocalist in name and reality.


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