aespa Winter on Her Journey to Acquire Mesmerizing Kpop Titles

A K-pop idol should be acknowledged not just for their skills but also for their indisputable impact on the industry in order to be called for a certain “title.” In her first year in the Kpop industry, netizens and the media bestowed aespa Winter remarkable names and titles due to her rising popularity and impact.

aespa Winter on Her Journey to Acquire Mesmerizing Kpop Titles
Netizens and the Media bestowed aespa Winter remarkable names and titles due to her rising popularity and impact

Winter has been called as Hexagonal All-Rounder, Visual Ace and Yoo Young Jin’s Daughter. She is often referred to as the Visual Ace of the team. Appearance, body, singing, dancing, rapping, talent, facial expression, she is a hexagonal-all-rounder filled with abilities. Not to mention her barbie doll-like visuals, she is captivating the hearts of men and women with her wonderful voice , neat dance line and charisma that engulfs the camera.

Winter, in particular, is also called the “daughter of Yoo Young Jin born from his vocal cords” for perfectly digesting the musical colors sought by SM Producer Yoo Young Jin. SM fans are cheering and praising, saying that an all-rounder of “SM trademark” has appeared to succeed Taeyeon and D.O.

Winter covers Secret Garden

According to media outlets, Winter of aespa is the representative all-rounder of girl groups who stands out in many ways. Winter, who has been attracting attention for her innocent and cute face since her debut teaser, boasts a dazzling beauty of a visual ace, with pure white skin that goes well with her stage name; big eyes with clear double eyelids, cute cheeks with dimples in harmony. Her abilities are also top-notch.

Winter, who combines her clean and clear tone with solid vocal skills, perfectly uses SM’s unique singing method, where she got her nickname ‘Yoo Young Jin’s Daughter’. In her debut song ‘Black Mamba’, Winter’s part, “aespa is me, there can’t be two,” was considered the killing part of the song.

And in ‘Next Level’, she perfectly showed powerful and cool high notes in the bridge part and stood out as a vocalist to listeners. In the recently released ‘Savage’, she showed off a wide vocal range and powerful voice, adding to the charm of the song and establishing herself as a next-generation visual vocalist in name and reality.

Daum Culture also named Winter as the recent Center and Trend of Hallyu Idols. It is said that her influence is strong that aespa is gaining so much popularity. Winter, who is the vocalist along with member Ningning, has such an explosive singing ability. She is also known as the visual ace in the team to the extent that many fans became her fans with just one scene of her debut teaser video. In the end, she can be said to be a member who combines both skills and visuals. 

Additionally, Winter was called “the New Icon of First Love”, “Versatile Idol”, “Golden Balance Idol” and “CG Class Visual” by the netizens and media; “The Highest Visual Peak” by Elle Japan.

She is also dubbed by Paper Magazine as an artist who’s proficient across all disciplines: Singing, rap and dance. Winter’s ability to try a diversity of styles is a strength that contributes to her group’s overall style and teamwork.

Winter’s duality is also alluring; she’s both delicate and deadly, taking on the role of an “armamenter,” or someone skilled in weaponry, within their carefully constructed metaverse. 

The hidden gem of SM Entertainment is now starting to solidify her name as ace and all-rounder of the new Generation.

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