Winter Updates and Activities Wrap-up: 22.03.14 to 22.03.27

aespa Winter Updates Activities Wrap-up: 22.03.14 to 22.03.27

March 17

? | 3:31 KST. Winter was active on bubble and apologized to those she woke up by sending a message. She sent a short mirror video and recommended two songs (Alina Baraz – To Me; GSoul – Need You). Both songs and artists trended on Melon realtime search, at one point occupying the #1-6 spots in the realtime ranking.

? | 11:17 KST. Winter was active on bubble and revealed she bought colored paper. She said she will be back later.

? | Winter spent most of the afternoon doing origami and asking fans for suggestions. She folded a frog, chick, lizard, shrimp tempura, and fish. She said she watched YouTube tutorials. . She also sent a selfie. “Origami” trended on Twitter South Korea. 

? | 22:56 KST. Winter started sending voice notes. She sent 9 in total.

March 18

? | KB X aespa Keyword Interview – Liiv Next [Winter]

[KB X aespa] 키워드인터뷰_Liiv Next_윈터 

? | Winter said she was eating lunch. She talked about what she ate and the foods that she likes. 

? | 17:28 KST. Winter sent a picture of her sparrow origami.

March 19

? | Winter’s 23rd fancam to surpass 1M views is her ‘Savage’ fancam from SBS Gayo.

March 20

? | Winter ranked #9 on the March 2022 Girl Group Brand Reputation Ranking. 

? | Winter sent a picture of her hot choco.

March 21

? | Winter sent a picture of what she ate (tteokbokki). She also sent three pictures from when she was in New York.

? | A Winter compilation from her Knowing Bros appearances by JTBC Voyage

[#오늘저녁은] ?윈.또.귀? 윈터 또 귀여워❣ 아기물만두에 빠질 수 밖에 없는 윈터 입덕 영상으로 저녁 한 끼 뚝딱?|아는형님ㅣJTBC 211023 방송 외 

 March 22

? | 

? | 22:54 KST. Winter sent three pictures. She revealed that ‘In My Dreams’ is her favorite b-side from Red Velvet’s new album. She also sent voice notes where she sang a bit (9 songs; including from Red Velvet, Taeyeon, Big Bang and AKMU).

 March 23

? | 00:37 KST. Winter said that if she could do V Live it would feel like she’s having a concert in her room. She said someday she will do it, let’s just endure and wait with respect. 

? | 16:29 KST. Winter revealed that she tried the dalgona challenge but it broke before she even started so she just ate it all.

March 24

? | 

March 25

? | Winter’s first OST is with Ningning for the drama “Our Blues”.

March 26

? | 14:57 KST. Winter sent a short clip with her food.

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