aespa Winter Profile – All about Kim Min Jeong

Winter is a member of the Korean girl group aespa under SM Entertainment.

I. Profile

Stage nameWINTER (Hangul: 윈터)
Real name김민정 (金旼炡, Kim Minjeong)
BirthJanuary 1, 2001 (20 years old) Nampo-dong, Jung-gu, Busan
NationalitySouth Korean
Height 164 cm
Blood typeType A
FamilyParents, Older Brother (1999)
Education– Yangsan Samsung Elementary School (graduated)
– Yangsan Samsung Middle School (graduated)
– Yangsan Girls’ High School (dropped out)
– High school Graduation Qualification Exam (passed)
Groupaespa; Girls on Top
DebutNovember 17, 2020; digital single “Black Mamba”
NicknamesThe vocal daughter of Yoo Youngjin; Mindungie; Kim Winter; Kim Dubu; Kim Guobarou; Kim Dongdong; Kim Pork Cauldron; Mintyoring; Maltese; Winging; Gyeoulie; Jjeongie; Kim Mindungmaendung; Winmamel; Melonbbang; Determined Moomin; Mamdanmoo; Wintereu; Brave Baekgu; Nice girl; Turtle; Winttobbi; Winttocheck; Kim Ottoke; Jin DongTien; Yeppi.
Winter profile

II. Position

1. Vocal

Winter takes part in bridges and high notes of aespa. She’s referred to as “The Daughter Yoo Youngjin gave birth to with vocal cords’’.

2. Rap

Winter first tried her hand at a rap part in “Next Level” and was well-received for her sticky pronunciation; her rap part was also featured in the “Next Level” teaser video.

In “Savage,” she took on a longer rap part than in “Next Level. There is a part where the rap lines go in the order of Giselle – Winter – Karina.

3. Dance

According to netizens, Winter has excellent dancing skills and her dance lines are smooth and clean.

4. Visual

Winter is often referred to as the visual ace of the team.

III. Career

Solo activities:

IV. Pre-debut Photos

V. Music Videos

VI. Fancams

1. Black Mamba

2. Forever

  • Forever:

3. Next Level

4. Savage

5. Dreams Come True

6. Girls

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