Event: Winter 22nd Birthday Fundraising by International Fans

Event: Winter 22nd Birthday Fundraising by International Fans

  • From 12.3.21 to 12.20.21 12pm KST
  • No Minimum amount
  • Top donors will receive gifts

Team Winter!

We are conducting a fundraising event for Winter’s 22nd Birthday ??. This is a special time of the year and we hope that we can show our strength as a fandom by celebrating Winter’s day as meaningfully as we can. Above all, it is important to make Winter feel the support of her fans on her birthday.

We encourage international fans to participate and contribute within your means.

All proceeds will go to promotional efforts in South Korea as organized by DC Winter Gallery (Twitter: @DC_WINTER_)

Transfer Options:

  • PayPal – [email protected]
  • GCash – 09219244078
  • Bank – Techcombank (Ngân hàng Kỹ Thương Việt Nam) Chi nhánh Tây Hồ Tây. STK: 19034073215016. CTK: Duong Thao Huong Giang

Please donate within your means. Any amount is appreciated.

❗Don’t forget to fill up the fundraising form → bit.ly/3oifTo1

All donors will be published in our website. The amount contributed will be confidential.

If you can’t provide monetary contribution but still want to help in ways that you can, send us a message in our Twitter (@teamwinteroffcl) or email us at [email protected].

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