Donation Expenditure Policies

I. Policies

1. We are always open for donations. Donors have the option to specify the particular utilization of the funds they donated. Some examples of specific utilization are:

  • Birthday Ads
  • Fan Events
  • Anniversary Ads
  • Charity Donations
  • Votings

Learn more: Donation & Projects

2. If the utilization of the donation is not specified, the funds might be used for immediate or unforeseeable events and projects such as purchasing votes for relevant votings/polls or donations to charity.

3. Donations are nonrefundable. Once a donor commits, we will not be open to negotiations for a refund. Depending on the mode of transfer, there are also transaction fees you might have to shoulder. Therefore, please make a prudent decision and donate within your means.

4. All donors who will provide their email address (in the donation form) will receive an email when their donations were partially or fully spent on a certain project/event.

II. What we do (Goals):

  • Raise funds for events and projects
  • Open our wallets for every milestone achieved
  • Manage donations and make sure they are used to support Winter

III. How to donate:

  • First, let us know. Our dms are always open.
  • Fill out the form.
  • Done ✔

IV. What’s in the form?

  • We will post tweets of proof of donation for those who want their donations to be public, and if the amount will also be public.
  • We will ask for some basic details (you are not required to give us all your details, just share what you are comfortable with).
  • We will ask if you have specific purposes for your donation (whether it should be used for birthday ads or charity donations, among others).

Any amount is a great help! Let’s donate within our means.

Do not forget to fill out the form after you make donations:

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