Allure Korea May 2022 Issue – aespa Interview [Winter cut]

Allure Korea May 2022 Issue - aespa Interview [Winter cut]

Q: I interviewed Giselle first, and she says she laughs whenever she sees Winter’s face.

A: Giselle? Me too! When I see Giselle, I laugh.

Q: Why? Is it love?

A: It’s just funny. I can’t look straight at her face.

Q: It’s a little early because it’s May issue, but it’s giving off a spring vibe. Do you like spring?

A: I like spring and fall the most. I like it when the weather changes to warm and cool. But I think everyone is like this? Warm, rather than cold.

Q: But your name is Winter, not Summer.

A: I don’t like winter the most. But I became Winter (laughs).

Q: Since you debuted during the COVID-19 era, you didn’t get to meet many fans. There will be some opportunities this year, right?

A: From two years ago to next year. This year, I’m looking forward to it, but I haven’t met them yet. I’m still looking forward to meeting the fans more often. We are always ready.

Q: aespa makes headlines when you do something. Do you feel like you’ve become the main character?

A: I’m still the same. I don’t really feel like things have changed so much that I can feel it on my skin.

Q: But it’s different from when you were trainees, right?

A: It’s different. I think it’s different because the results are seen right away rather than just practicing in the practice room. It’s my first time doing a one-on-one interview like this. It’s really new today (laughs).

Q: How are you doing these days? I heard you’re taking a break.

A: These days, I just rest. I watch Netflix while lying down. I used to watch a lot of war movies, but after a bit of a hiatus in the middle, I’ve been watching them again.

Q: We turn on music when there’s a photoshoot. Do you have any song requests? I’ll play it for you later.

A: Since today’s cover is May, let’s make it spring. I really like GSoul’s “Natural” and I think it’ll fit the season.

Q: You debuted at a young age. Do you feel good about being young?

A: There’s still a lot I can do. I don’t think it’s too late to take on challenges. I’m also planning to try various things in the future, so please look forward to it! (laughs)

Q: What challenge do you want to try right now?

A: I want to learn how to snowboard. It’s stuffy to stay indoors, and now that singing and dancing, which used to be my hobby, have become my job, I want to find a new hobby that doesn’t have any business aspect attached.

Q: When you were young, you got to do a lot of sports while you went to school. What did you do well?

A: I like sports, so i worked hard in all of them. I was in the bowling club, so I participated in bowling competitions.

Q: Today is a shoot about scents, right? There are a lot of flowers. Do you have any good memories of scents?

A: Everyone has a habit that they used to do when they were young. I could only fall asleep when I smelled the scent on my handkerchief. So whenever I went somewhere, I always rolled up my handkerchief and put it on my nose. I need to smell it. I love the smell of fabric softener. I always fell asleep when I smelled it.

Q: Do you still have a pillow that you’re attached to?

A: I don’t have a pillow, but I like soft things. I like wool or fluffy cloths.

Q: What comes to your mind when you think of the most delicious smell in the world?

A: Chicken? I guess it smells like chicken. The smell of chicken from the elevator that the delivery person got on and off. It shouldn’t be mine. It has to be the smell of chicken ordered from the next house or another house. Then I’ll want to order and eat it, too.

Q: What scent do you think would fit the members?

A: I think Ningning suits neutral scents. Karina reminds me of flower scents, and Giselle fits well with an aroma scent that’s therapeutic. What I like the most is the natural soap scent. It’s a comfortable, clean, and subtle scent.

Q: When do you really need perfume? Do you always wear perfume?

A: I spray it when I meet new people. When I smell it, it reminds me of that person. It smells like my mom, it smells like home, it smells like this. So I spray it when I make a first impression.

Q: Do you have a nostalgic smell?

A: The smell of a house? (laughs) Even if people don’t wear perfume or spray something like that, everyone has their own house smell. I think that’s cool. I also really like diffusers. There’s an Aqua di Parma diffuser in our dorm, too.

Q: Busan is your hometown, right? Was it a neighborhood that smelled like the sea?

A: It’s not close to the beach, but I often went there to play with my friends.

Q: Seoul doesn’t have an ocean. Do you sometimes miss the ocean?

A: I guess so. There is Han River in Seoul, but there are waves in the sea, so I want to see the sea more when I feel stuffy. The river is too calm. When I was young, I used to go to the sea often to play. Although at the time, I rarely felt stuffy (laughs).

Q: In “Black Mamba,” “aespa is me. There can’t be two.” is famous. I think that line talks about teamwork. Do you have a secret?

A: The humor code between the four of us is just right. I think it’s really important. The overall tension is similar and we love to laugh. It’s always fun when we’re together.

Q: Your pronunciation is clear when singing and rapping, so I was curious if your voice is the same when you’re talking. Do you pay more attention to your pronunciation when you sing or rap?

A: Do I sound clear right now? (Laughs) I don’t care much about my pronunciation. Instead, I focus on giving a feeling, emotions.

Q: Many people say that you have a charming voice and tone. How do you feel?

A: Mom, thank you (laughs). Fans say that a lot, but I don’t know yet. I think it’s not enough. I’m not satisfied with myself yet.

Q: You sometimes rap, right?

A: I’ve never learned how to rap before, but I’m doing it because I’ve been given parts after I debuted. I get feedback and talk a lot with the director. We fix it by talking about how things should be done this way.

Q: Are you the type that can’t be satisfied?

A: I think it’s kind of like that. I think I should always do better. If I do well, I can still get better!

Q: You learn the choreography really quickly. What’s the good thing about memorizing things quickly?

A: You can rest? I memorize it quickly and watch it with my eyes until all the other members also memorize it. Everyone has a different style of memorizing the choreography. Karina unnie also memorizes it quickly, but I think she memorizes it with her body. I stand still with my head and memorize, but what is more important than memorizing quickly is the completeness.

Q: Even the movement you do with your fingertips seem to be calculated.

A: Four of us have to do it together, that’s the most complicated part. And it’s not easy to align the angles with each other. But I feel really good when it comes out clean when monitoring. I think that’s fun.

Q: You also participated in “GOT the Beat” earlier this year, what kind of experience was it?

A: It was a very new experience. Isn’t it amazing? It’s such an honor to be on stage and work with great seniors. I think I’ve gained a fun and great experience because they took care of us so well.

Q: Is there a compliment you want to hear for aespa?

A: The words “new icon.” It’s a new feeling. It’s something that didn’t exist before in the world. So new, so fresh—those words. There are so many talented and pretty people, and so rather than hearing praises like that, I like compliments that say new, fresh, and aespa-like. I like compliments that has a unique feel.

Q: Do only fun things happen after debuting?

A: That’s right. They are all new. We had photo shoots, released a mini album; and since we haven’t released a full-length album yet, it will be new. So it’s really fun.

Q: There are so many things to do. 2022 is long. What else do you want to do?

A: There are so many more things I haven’t done yet than what I’ve already done. Concert. I want to do a concert. I hope I can!

Q: You’re a person who achieved your dream. You have so many young fans, is there anything you would like to say to those who need to make their dreams come true?

A: I just hope they don’t think too much. When you want to do something, if you think about it too complicated and realistically, your courage will shrink and you will be hesitant. If you simply say, “I like this, I want to do this, I want to work hard,” wouldn’t it work out well?

Q: Did Winter do that too? Did it help you?

A: Yeah, me too. I think I just did it simply.

Q: What do you think you’ll think about before you go to sleep?

A: “It’s warm under the blanket.” (laughs)

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