aespa Winter Tops the Individual Brand Reputation Ranking

OCTOBER 17, 2021. The Individual Girl Group Member Brand Reputation Ranking for the month of October 2021 has been released and aespa’s Winter came out on top, taking first place in the ranking.

Winter of aespa Tops the Girlgroup Member Brand Reputation Ranking
aespa Winter tops the Individual Brand Reputation Ranking

The Brand Reputation Ranking (BRR) is supposedly an indicator of a celebrity’s brand value or in simple terms, popularity. The four index points calculated in the BRR are the Participation Index, Media Index, Communication Index, and Community Index.

The points for each index are added to obtain the total points and this number is used to determine an idol’s rank compared to others. For the month of October, the breakdown of Winter’s index points are as follows:

  • Participation – 1, 316, 804
  • Media – 1, 012, 363
  • Communication – 788, 289
  • Community – 772, 325
  • Total – 3, 889, 780

BLACKPINK’s Jennie (Total: 3, 273, 660) and Lisa (Total: 3, 212, 231) took second and third place respectively. All data were collected from the second half of September 2021 to the 16th of October 2021. It is important to note that an idol’s activities and visibility to the general public greatly affect the index points. More public exposure in the current month compared to the previous one means a higher chance for the points to improve.

In the 5th of October, aespa came back with their first mini album, ‘Savage’ and even before, the whole group generated buzz from the rollout of teasers which started right around the last week of September. On the 9th of October, Winter appeared on the variety show ‘Amazing Saturday’ with another aespa member, Karina.

On the 14th and 16th, the group performed their new song on Mnet Mcountdown and MBC Show! Music Core, respectively. All these activities among others apparently boosted Winter’s brand ranking and that of the group as a whole. aespa took second place in the October Girl Group Brand Reputation Ranking, only behind BLACKPINK. Other aespa members also ranked high on the individual list (Karina – #4, Giselle – #5, Ningning – #6).

October 2021 marks Winter’s first time topping the BRR, 11 months after debut. This makes her only the 4th female idol from the fourth generation of Kpop to top the list. Winter is also the first idol without an official debut to enter the top 20 of BRR at #19 for the month of November 2020; the results were released days before aespa’s scheduled debut with the digital single ‘Black Mamba’. She entered the list based purely on the hype her teasers and predebut accounts from alleged acquaintaces generated, making her one of the most anticipated rookies in recent Kpop history.

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