aespa Winter in a New Unit: GOT the Beat

Winter has partcipated in SM Entertainment’s project girl group ‘Girls On Top’, which launched the first unit ‘GOT the Beat’.

aespa Winter in a New Unit: GOT the Beat
aespa Winter in a New Unit: GOT the Beat

On December 2021, SM Entertainment announced that they will be introducing a new unit with selected members from the girl groups under their company. This has been a surprise and a subject of much speculation among fans of SM girl groups and K-pop in general as to who among SM female idols will be in the lineup.

On December 27, a photo of the unit was uploaded in their official Twitter account, confirming the lineup: BoA, SNSD Taeyeon, SNSD Hyoyeon, Red Velvet Seulgi, Red Velvet Wendy, aespa Karina and aespa Winter. Winter’s teaser was uploaded on all Girls On Top social media accounts alongside BoA’s, Taeyeon’s and Seulgi’s, on December 28. 

This is Winter’s first musical collaboration outside her group aespa and she was set to debut as the unit’s maknae, or youngest member among her seniors. On January 3, 2022, GOT the Beat released their song ‘Step Back’ and its stage video. Winter was part of the vocal line and showed off her vocal prowess in her parts: prechorus, chorus and bridge. She also displayed her versatility by lending her voice in the more fast-paced parts of the song.

Winter in GOT the beat ‘Step Back’ Stage Video

Overall, GOT the Beat was a great learning experience for Winter. “I did imagine a female version of SuperM, but I never imagined I would be part of it… At first, I was worried about performing with such amazing artists since they all have much more experience than me. However, as we started practicing, it wasn’t awkward at all, and they helped me so much,” she said of the concept of the unit and her experience while working with her seniors for the first time in a Billboard interview.

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