aespa Winter Harper’s Bazaar Magazine Interview

Winter is on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar January 2022 issue (Type D). The magazine has a total of six different covers (Type A-F with aespa members and the whole group). Here is the interview of Winter at Harper’s Bazaar Magazine in 2021.

aespa Winter Harper’s Bazaar Magazine Interview

1. aespa is a four-member group and also an eight-member group. How did you feel when you first met the four virtual avatar members?

A: The existence of an “ae” was unfamiliar to me and I think a lot of people must have been like that as well. But the more I met ae-Winter and the other ae friends, I also got to know them better.

2. Neither Black Mamba nor Next Level follow the general formula of a song. Should I say that the first song was a question mark and the second song was an exclamation point? What do you think is the charm of aespa’s unfamiliar worldview that made many people like it in a short period of time?

I think it fits well with the non-face-to-face and digital characteristics of the current times. And our members’ attractive powers? (laughs)

3. The 1st mini-album contained songs that could show various aspects of aespa. There must be something particularly memorable in the process of filling out the six songs.

The title song ‘Savage’ is also very charming, but I was very excited that we could show our different charms that the song did not contain.

4. Is there a song you want me to listen to the most?

Personally, I like Savage the most. It was the most difficult song for me, so I cherish it a lot. But please listen to other songs, too!

5. Do you do anything special before you record or work on music?

If you just sleep well and have a good mood, I think anything will turn out well!

6. Amid the growing trend of overseas fans’ K-pop cover videos, various aespa cover videos are drawing attention. Shall we pick out some impressive scenes?

For me, the most impressive thing was Kwon In-ha sunbaenim’s cover of ‘Next Level. The title was also “Next Level From Hell, so I couldn’t help but be impressed. (Laughs) Sunbaenim is the best!

7. The first in-person concert, the 2021 World K-Pop Concert: Light 4U, must have been a huge event for aespa.

Although I was receiving so much attention and love, it was always a pity that I could not meet the fans. But I was able to feel that energy firsthand during the first in-person concert. I was really looking forward to what it will be like to actually hear the cheers later.

8. What qualities of the other members do you want to resemble?

Giselle unnie’s English and Japanese skills, Ningning’s Chinese skills, and Karina unnie’s Seoul accent? (Laughs)

9. What is your strength and aespa’s strength?

My strength is that my up-down condition doesn’t swing too much. aespa’s strength is teamwork. I love you, members!

10. You live in a dormitory. There must be a lot of fun days between the members who share a room.

I am roommates with Giselle unnie, but we both have easygoing personalities, so even if one person is sleeping, the other can listen to music, watch videos, or even make a call without wearing earphones! I think we’re comfortable because we both have similar personalities.

11. Winter has Haidong kumdo and fencing, Karina has taekwondo and swimming, and Giselle has horseback riding. You’re a group who enjoys sports.

I liked sports, so I learned kendo and played bowling and basketball at school. I didn’t have a chance recently, but I want to learn snowboarding.

12. All the members have distinct changes in their styles, but Winter’s bobbed hair stood out among them.

I think short hair is good because the image and concept look clear, and long hair is good because you can do various hairstyles. In terms of practicality, I like short hair because it dries quickly (laughs), but I also like long hairstyles these days.

13. Please leave a message for 2022.

Things are getting better and I want to do things I haven’t done before and gain a lot of new experiences. I want to see our MYs more often and get to know each other better, and I really want to perform at a concert hall where we can cheer to our heart’s content.


aespa Harper’s Bazaar

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